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How to make Birth Certificate online or offline in India

The article is written to help the people.

If you are living in India then I think you are currently having a little worry about your birth certificate because news is spreading on social media about the National Register of Citizenship. If it is imposed then it will be required to prove an Indian to be a citizen of this country by the document. Two most important document for this is Deat of Birth Certificate and Passport.

It is not difficult to prove yourself in the national register. The problem that the earlier people did about their incorrect data submission to the government organization while making their voter card, pan card, ration card etc. is the only unintentional mistake due to which people will suffer for data correction.

One of the most required documents is the birth certificate. In the last 70 years, no one was anxious about the name, DOB, Relationship in a document. But now it is the daily talk of the citizen.

In this post birth certificate making method is discussed to help Indian for getting a birth certificate if anyone has no birth proof. It is my own workout and it cannot be submitted as proof in the court of law. It is my best effort to give advice to a needy person.

Required documents to fill online/offline form

You need FOUR documents to get birth certificate online or offline or through recommended agencies by the government of India.

  • Birth registration Form,
  • Declaration Form ,
  • ID Proof - any out of these: Voter card/Aadhar card/Pan card/Driving Licesnse etc.
  • Hospital certificate/certificate from Gram Pradhan/City Councillor/MP/MBBS doctor
Let me explain about above four documents one by one.

Scan all these documents and create it of proper size as suggested by the respective website of the states (e.g. 200kb ) . Keep all these in a folder or Pendrive. Go to the respective website of the state and fill the online form after login into your account. If you have not created your online account on the website of your state , then you have to create it first. Upload all documents one by one and submit the online form. Take the receipt copy of the submitted form. You can save it or you can take a screenshot to save it on your computer.

The method of making a birth certificate in all states is almost the same. For this, there is an offline and online system to make a birth certificate.

The main point for making a birth certificate is to have the documents required for submitting to the office or for uploading online. ID proof e.g. Aadhar card, voter card, Driving license (DL), PAN card etc are the first requirement.

The second most requirement is proof of birth. If the candidate is a newborn baby then it is very easy to take the birth certificate from the hospital, nursing home or from a doctor.

If the adult person has no birth certificate and wants to make it. Then he has to make a document from Gram Pradhan/City Councillor/MP/MBBS doctor (any from these lists). And has to submit it with his DOB certificate (Matriculation certificate or equivalent certificate which can prove DOB.)


The format of the certificate that has to be taken from Gram Pradhan/City Councillor/MP/MBBS doctor will be like this.

This is to certify that the Applicant the detail of which stated below:
Father's Name:....................................
is known to me and the Date Of Birth (DOB) of the applicant is DD - MM - YYYY .


[Name of the Certifying person]


If you are a resident of UP then go to this URL directly you will be asked to login into your account. You can also first login and then click on Apply for online birth certificate.

See this image screen shot.The selection menu looks like this.

online form filling for birth certificate in UP

There may be another service available on disctrict site e.g or . Type the name of the city in which your residing.

If you are residing in Bihar then find proper link on this website :

Similarly the services are available in other states also.

Friends this post will be updated more if you need further more information. I am trying my best to share information .

But educated people did not make this mistake in their document. It is because it is taught in the school to maintain unique data before filling their registration for class 10 , class 12 and onward.

My recommendation to these people is to contact a lawyer for correction of name, father's name through Affidavit. This is according to my best knowledge. I know many people have got corrected their names through the court.


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