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How to Deactivate and Reactivate (OFF or ON ) WiFi Signal of Router

I was listening from my friends that wi-fi signal affects us at certain level if it is kept on conditions all the time . I did a lot of brain storming to find a better solution.

I use D-Link Router to connect my desktop, laptop, Note3 mobile and Mi-Pad . My desktop remains connected through wire with the router. Sometimes my laptop mobile or Mi-Pad do not need to be connected to my wi-fi internet. Therefore I usually feel that we we must turn off WiFi of the router to stop unwanted wi-fi signal around my home.

 How to Deactivate and Reactivate (OFF or ON ) WiFi Signal of Router

I googled many times but no suitable information got from the net.Finally I thought that the process of setting of the router will sure have a system to turn off and turn on the WiFi signal.

I logged in to the router setup with my ID admin and with my existing password . I tapped the wireless section and there I noticed a checkbox having a option WiFi . I uncheck the box and clicked on save after that the router prompted to reboot it . I did same and I got my WiFi turned off. It is very smooth and it doesn't need to turn off Internet connection and other connectivity of the desktop or other device ;which are connected to the router. The other wired connectivity doesn't get disturbed . Imediately I made a video and uploaded to YouTube for the user like you because I don't want that other user remain in puzzle and Lose their health with the WiFi signal. For the details of the steps watch the video.

 Delink router

It is always better to explore something with your own without wasting time on the internet. From that day I learned that there are many intelligence remain hidden inside a human being, but we never explore it . It is because human nature is to get something easily without any pain. At certain level it is alright, but someone sometime needs to explore his mind also. Se viewers use this trick and comment if you have different model of the router and facing any problem in turning off the wi-fi signal.

I recommend you to bookmark the url of the router. Also save its password to save time of turning it ON and OFF. My router's url is :


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