Sep 29, 2011

How to Create a Forum Free | Very professional and Great Free Forum

STEP 1 - create this page . The exampleForum is according to your choice names for your forum.
STEP 2- Create a new forum at Nabble: It is free at to ceate your forum. Copy the HTML code.

STEP 3- Go to Blogger Dashboard -> Design -> Edit HTML and mark the tick-box "Expand Widget Tempaltes".

STEP4- Find (CTRL+F) this code, in your template:

<div class='columns fauxcolumns' ></div>

STEP 5- Put the code i.e. obtained from NABBLE as shown below. That means replace "Your_nable_code_here" by your code obtained from nabble.

<b:if cond='data:blog.url == ''>

STEP 6- And immediately ABOVE this code:

<div class='columns fauxcolumns'></div>,
Paste the above total code .
NOTE- Do not forget to change red colour link. Replace by your site page link

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