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How to Change Adsense Payment Method | How to fill Adsense Payment Detail | Wire Transfer to Receive Money to your Account

Google Adsense made it very easy to receive Adsense payment directly to your account. It is important to fill the account details carefully. A fear is always carried in our mind whenever we perform a financial transaction and there remains a risk of money loss. But to overcome this psychological fear, we need to do a research. First go to your bank and get the SWIFT details of the bank. IFCI code is already written on your bank passbook and also available on Chaque leaflet.

Therefore the Straight rule for this is to do a good homework for filling SWIFT details for WIRE TRANSFER.

Before this first see the form of Adsense. You can reach to this form in these steps:

Go to setting > Payment > click on Payment Method > Click Add payment method.Your will see the form as in this image at left.

A sample data has been filled up in the given form. You need to change the details as per your bank details.

After filling your details of a primary account, a secondary account can also be linked in Adsense account. Again click on second payment details. Only thing is that one has to make one account primary. Secondary account serve the purpose of backup account, if the first account fails to receive money.

I am giving reference of few bank websites. Where you can get authentic data.

Or search for "correspondent bank of ICICI in USA". I searched for SBI correspondent bank found this link. Right click to copy the url: SBI correspondent bank

For ICICI BANK the correspondent bank list is available here: ICICI correspondent

All these are needed to also change your payment method in Adsense account. It has been noticed that for Adsense account in India few is deducting $10 for $400 or less amount. And $20 is deducted for more than $500 . Few user has shared this on the internet. These useres have changed their payment account details to test the deducted ammount. They found that the payment is only deduct a service charge which was in normal range. The exchange service rates are always nominal. But few intermediary agencis cut the Adsense payment; which is very unusual for the blogger. They get the Adsense payment after doing hard work and I think different bank to be tested for less loos due to deduction. I am sure you will like this post and share your experience.


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