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How to remove Express Accounting Free_14904_i1588738344_il584659.exe Virus from PC of Laptop

Express Accounting Free_14904_i1588738344_il584659.exe is a type of virus which creates a permission lock on your desktop and protect itself from getting deleted.

Whenever any delete actin is tried. It changes its permission from previous administrator to a new administrator. It again prompts to ask permission from this new administrator. In this it puzzles the user. Any unwanted file must not be left in the computer, because at background it can harm the pc security. Watch the video for deleting steps.

To delete this exe file from my computer I have got an idea to assign a new administrator. When I assigned a new administrator and I also checked the box of all control , then It got deleted easily.

These images show the result of deleting action of this file which has express accounting virus.


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