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How to Share Internet at two Mobiles with One Internet Account

It is very cost effective to share internet of one mobile with other mobile . it saves lot of money; when calculated for longer period of time. Many of us are not using one mobile at this age of high technology. also many of us are using one costly high range smart phone like Galaxy series (may be Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, Sony Xperia , HTC mobile etc.) .

Smart phones are not providing dual SIM facility. And these mobiles are highly secure. These devices don't allow to connect easily with other device. Therefore sharing internet of these smart mobiles with other mobiles needs to be securely connected with these devices that need MAC id of the other device; which you want to connect with the smart mobiles. To find MAC id of any device , these steps to be followed.

Steps of finding MAC

1. Tap Settings

2. Tap Wireless and Networks / Connection
3 Tap w-Fi to enable it

4 Press the Back button
5. Tap general
6. Tap About Phone

7 Tap Status

8.Here you will find 12 digits WI-FI MAC ADDRESS

This mac address of other device is to be inserted in the smart phone to enable its internet with this device which you find mac id.


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